Tree Removal & Trimming Services Livonia Michigan


Tree Removal Services


Do you have a lot in need of clearing, has a storm damaged your tree, or do you have a rotting tree in danger of falling and need tree removal services or stump removal services in Livonia, Michigan?


Hill Top Tree Service has provided quality tree and stump removal services since 1986. We have the experience and equipment to quickly remove trees from residential and commercial property. We are experts at removing trees of any size near buildings and power lines. We will not damage your landscaping during the tree removal process. We are also capable of removing stumps in difficult locations. We can clear land and lots for residential or commercial use.


Do you have trees located near power lines, or would you like to improve the appearance of your trees? Do your trees have dead branches that need to be removed?


Hill Top Tree Service offers a full range of tree trimming services, including directional pruning. We will make your trees attractive and healthy. If you have trees located near buildings or power lines we can employ directional pruning to reduce the chance of damage or power outage.


Tree Removal Services


Hill Top Tree Service has decades of experienced in tree removal. If you have a lot to clear or a storm damaged tree to remove we have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done quickly and without harming your landscape. Our tree removal services include:


Tree Trimming Services


Stump Removal

Hill Top Tree Service understands how to trim trees in order to maintain health and the desired appearance. We can use directional pruning to keep your trees clear of power lines while causing no harm. Our tree trimming services include:


Stump Removal Services


We have the equipment to quickly remove a tree stump of any size. Our team specializes in removing stumps from hard to reach areas near buildings or other structures. We offer stump removal or grinding for residential and commercial property. Our stump removal services include:



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