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Tree Removal Services


Are you looking for tree removal services or stump removal in Wayne, Michigan because of a storm damaged tree, a rotting tree, branches near power lines, or have a lot that needs clearing?


Hill Top Tree Service has offered tree removal and stump removal services since 1986. We are efficient and knowledgable in removing trees near buildings and power lines. We offer residential and commercial tree removal services. If you have experienced a storm that has damaged your tree or have a diseased or rotten tree we can safely remove the tree without causing any harm to your building or landscape. We can efficiently clear land and lots of trees and shrubs for any type of need.


Are you searching for professional tree trimming or shaping services?


Hill Top Tree Service has decades of experience in tree trimming and pruning. We will expertly shape your tree and and allow it to maintain good health. Pruning dead and dying branches is important for safety and maintaining a trees health. If you have trees near a power line we can use directional pruning to clear the branches of the line and encourage growth away from the power line.


Tree Removal Services


We provide both residential and commercial tree removing services. We offer land clearing and lot clearing services. Hill Top Tree Service has the experience to remove difficult trees located near buildings or power lines. We can remove trees of any size. Our tree removal services include:


Tree Trimming Services


Stump Removal

Hill Top Tree Service is capable of any type of tree trimming or pruning. Trees at different states of growth will require the appropriate technique. We will shape your trees and allow them to remain in good health. Our tree trimming services include:


Stump Removal Services


We can remove any type of stump. Our expeience in stump removal and stump grinding allows us to handle stumps located in difficult areas. We offer commercial and residential stump removal services. Our crew will clean up after the stump has been removed. Our stump removal services include:



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